Saturday, January 10, 2009

A friend - Lost for ever

We were 23 people studying MCA @ GRD Coimbatore and now our beloved Suji(Sujith) is no more.. met with an accident in Bangalore, on his way back home from work. Rest In Peace my dear.

Those days with you will be there in our heart.. those trips to Ooty, small quarrels we made, the project we have done in Kochi, those combine study sessions, those short phone calls you made to ask whether I forgot you ...

Update(Jan12): The relatives of Sujith were ready for donation of his organs and a news came in malayala manorama print as well as online editions
the same is accessible in manaroama online . (MAlayalam)

The same is in Print edition as well. Print edition is scanned. Click on the scanned image to Zoom the same. Another Article appeared in Times of India, Bangalore Edition and you can read the same in here.


John said...

Sorry to hear that you lost your friend. I've lost some people in my life too.

Although those are sad news, they taught me something- "Always appreciate the person who is in front!"

Ron Russell said...

Soory to hear of the recent loss of your friend. I too, lost a close friend not long ago--like you I do have the memories and they are good. I live in the deep south here in the United States. A state called Mississippi. We are in the southern part (Brookhaven) a small city about 90 air miles north of New Orleans. Visit me some time on my blog (semi-blog) and leave a note. I starting a new full blog at there you can see a picture of my wife and I at the old family cabin near Liberty, Mississippi. Site is under construction but you should be able to access it. Until nest time. Ron

p.s. you can get two links by visiting both.

Wenningstedt auf Sylt said...

How sad and yet a hero even in death. I salute the parents, relatives of this boy. They didn't waste the lost life-instead they made the boy a hero not only in the beneficiaries eyes but of the world too (that includes me).

selena said...

I am very sorry to know that sometimes an invitable guest(death) come and take away our lives.

Anonymous said...

I've been offline for a couple of months and finally came to my blog and saw your holiday wish. But now I see this sad news about your friend and my heart is heavy for you. My thoughts are with you, and his family and friends.

Basha The Czar said...

Sorry friend. I know you lost your best friend. Let his soul stay in peace

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